Benjamin Creek is an interdisciplinary designer and maker with a multimedia background in industrial design and visual arts. Over the last 15 years, Creek has gained in-depth experience of a number of disciplines and modes of production, including service & system design in Tokyo, to industrial design in Chinese manufacturing hub Guangzhou and for the past 6 years Art production in Berlin.

Whilst in Berlin, Creek has increasingly incorporated industrial processes and techniques into his practice, allowing him to develop both a practical and conceptual system approach to the many stages of complex art productions, from idea to fabrication to installation. In recent years, he has specialized in using 3D printing as both a prototyping tool but also as a manufacturing material.

This is implemented in his work with some of Europe’s most prominent international galleries, including neugerriemschneider, Esther Schipper and König Galerie, assisting both in their gallery spaces and at international art fairs. The work requires holistic and creative problem-solving, to aid with the design, fabrication, transportation and installation of works by world-leading artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Ai Weiwei, Simon Starling, Isa Genzken, Alicja Kwade, Claudia Comte and Tomás Saraceno.

Creek also works independently for artists such as Julius von Bismarck, Tue Greenfort, Dennis Osadebe, Shayne Oliver, Daniel Jenatsch among others, with new methods of art production, robotics and installation for their international exhibitions.

As an artist in his own right, Creek applies his professional skill set to combine multimedia, industrial design and interaction design to engage with theories on virtual environments, tangible interaction and biomimicry. He has exhibited in numerous group shows as well as solo exhibitions throughout Europe and Australia.



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